Hazard and Detailed Tree Inspections

For trees with known or suspected defects it is sometimes advisable to undertake a more detailed tree inspection in order to fully understand the defects and the risks they may be causing. A maintenance plan can then also be proposed to mitigate those risks as much as possible.

Living Trees use up to the minute technology to thoroughly assess and survey individual trees to ensure our clients know exactly what they are dealing with.

PiCUS Sonic Tomograph

The PiCUS Sonic Tomograph detects decay and unsound wood. Sensors placed around the tree and a special hammer connected to a laptop measure sound waves as they travel through the tree. Decayed or damaged wood takes longer for the sounds waves to traverse, and so a graphical representation Рtomogram Рof the cross section of the tree is built up on screen.

Resi-PD 500

Resi-PD 500

This specialist drill can be used at carefully selected points on the trunk or branch of a tree. The level of resistance of the wood being drilled into translates into changes in the torque within the drill and is then output in graph format showing a visual journey through the different regions of wood within the sample area. Different trees in different stages of their life will of course have different strength characteristics so our specialist knowledge in aboriculture is essential in interpreting data from the Resi-PD 500 correctly in order to deploy a suitable management plan.

Chlorophyll Fluorimeter

If your tree is in decline it is important to adjust management techniques appropriately. By using a chlorophyll fluorimeter we can determine the health of a tree by looking at the how cholorphyll processes light energy within a leaf and ascertain if the tree is in a period of normal growth, or if it is showing signs of being under stress.

Air Spade

Using compressed air, soil can be easily blown away from the roots giving access for inspection or to dig a trench for laying services without damaging the root structure. The air spade is also a vital tool for root inspections and decompaction, improving the soil quality around the root base and helping the tree to thrive. Contact us for more information about the services we offer for quantifying tree defects.