Arboricultural Consultants

Living Trees: Arboricultural Consultancy in London, the South East and South West

Planning & Development

BS 5837:2012 Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction.

Tree Preservation Orders

Managing trees with TPOs and in conservation areas.

High Hedges

The High Hedges Bill - Anti Social Behaviour Act 2003

Risk Management

Risk management plans for your tree stock to reduce your liability.

Hazard & Inspection

Detailed tree health reports using latest technology.

Home Buyers Reports

Tree surveys to fulfill lender requirements on mortgage applications.

Subsidence Reports

Subsidence surveys for homeowners and insurers.

Managing Special Trees

Specialist services for ancient tree maintenance.

Woodland Management

Conservation, timber production, and woodland regeneration.

Living Trees: Aboricultural Consultancy in London, the South East and South West

We specialise in tree surveys and inspections and produce reports for a range of purposes including planning applications, home buyer reports and tree risk management.

We strive to provide cost effective outcomes by using the latest technology to provide insights into the health of your trees, to determine the best possible solution for the tree and the environment on which it is impacting.

Our wealth of hands-on experience in the industry, alongside relevant professional qualifications, allows us to deliver high-quality professional advice across a range of arboricultural services.

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