Planning and Development

The importance of trees within the planning system is becoming more and more prevalent. Specialised reports from Aboricultural Consultants will be taken into consideration by the planning authorities during the approval process and it is important to the success of any development project to ensure that relevant, evidence supported data is provided to the authorities.

With any development or planning application it is important to ensure a balance is achieved between the requirements of the developer, the integration of existing trees, and designing new planting schemes that will accommodate any future requirements for the development.

For all new planning applications where existing trees are a consideration Living Trees will initially take on an assessment of the trees on and adjacent to the site, in accordance with British Standard BS 5837:2012. The outcome of this survey will be a bespoke Tree Constraints Plan which allows architects to make the best use of the space available while ensuring planning compliance in relation to British Standard 5837:2012 ‘Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction – Recommendations’. The tree protection plan and method statement provided by Living Trees can be used by the developer in conjunction with the planning authorities to give the development the best chance of a successful application.

We provide the following services:

  • Development feasibility surveys
  • Tree constraint surveys
  • Tree constraints plan
  • Aboricultural impact assessment
  • Tree protection plan
  • Aboricultural method statement
  • Arboricultural supervision


Contact us to discuss your development project and for advice on site surveys and tree protection plans.