Subsidence Surveys For Home Owners

Tree related subsidence can be a minefield of legal and technical complexities which you may need to engage qualified aboricultrists to help you navigate. At Living Trees we have experience working for major UK Insurers, Loss Adjusters, Local Authorities, Structural Engineers, Solicitors, and private individuals in order to determine the scope of involvement of trees or woody vegetation in subsidence caused by changes to the underlying soil.

As well as providing solid technical data based on field investigation and research we believe it is important to remember that the effects subsidence can have on you as a home owner can be extremely stressful, and we endeavour to ensure that we deliver our appraisals in a timely and customer focused manner. We are also able to recommend management solutions for the longer term to mitigate future subsidence.

Contact us for more information about how we can assess your subsidence issues and develop a plan of action.