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Clean Up Effort In The Caribbean


When natural disasters such as hurricane Maria strike, there are often huge environmental challenges to be faced as well as the humanitarian effects we all feel such an emotional connection with.

The DART team of volunteer arboriculturists currently stationed in Domenica are funded by your donations and play an essential part in restoring vital services as well as training local communities in how to maintain and clear trees using chainsaws to try and provide resilience for future hurricanes.

The DART volunteers will be clearing roads and ensuring access to schools and hospitals is restored as soon as possible. Working in incredibly challenging conditions along side local authorities, it is incredibly inspiring to see these talented arboricultists giving up their time and using their skills to help people whose world has been totally turned upside down. Find out more and follow the DART team’s blog here.

You can help to support the team with donations which will be used for everything from oil and fuel for chainsaws to specialist equipment and flying out relief crews. If you would like to help with the clear up operation in the Caribbean just go to