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Concerns Over Wood Burning Stove Ban


Londoners were shocked this week to hear plans from Mayor Sadiq Khan which would mean the use of wood burners in the capital would be banned. As a carbon neutral source of heating, wood burners have been increasing in popularity in recent years, and although the South West of England remains a wood burning hot spot, emissions in the capital are known to have been affected dramatically due to increased usage in the urban smoke control zone.

The good news is that the proposed ban is only aimed at periods of poor air quality, and the ban will be predominantly enforced for commercial users such as hotels, with more of a focus on education for homeowners on not burning wood during these episodes.

To maximise performance of your wood burning stove while minimising harmful outputs, we recommend using wood that has been seasoned for at least two years, and to use hardwood where possible as this has a far greater calorific content than softwood. Make sure your chimney is well maintained and regularly swept and if you have an old stove you may want to consider replacing it with a more modern, clean and efficient model.